a private club of the Beverly Crest Homeowners’ Association
7100 Henseys Way, Charlotte, NC 28270

All Beverly Crest residents should read and be familiar with the pool rules.  If you have children, please review this information with them as well.  A lack of awareness of these rules is not a valid excuse for not following them.  They will be strictly enforced and a member’s privileges may be suspended for a lack of compliance.

Pool Calendar
The annual calendar for the pool will be available in May on this website.

The pool will open on Saturday May 26th.  We close the pool after Labor Day Weekend at the end of the day on Monday September 3rd.

When school is out, the hours of operation are different than the hours when school is in session.  Before heading to the pool, please check the calendar and at the pool entrance marquee for hours of operation.

General Rules, Requirements & Conduct
Beverly Crest residents must be current in the payment of annual dues, late fees and other amounts owed (including dues for current and all prior years) to the Beverly Crest Homeowners’ Association (“HOA”).

Until you are current in the payment of your dues and other amounts owed to the HOA, you will not be permitted to utilize the BCSRC facilities, and your children may not participate in the swim team.  In addition, your children may not serve as lifeguards at the BCSRC facilities.

Admission to the Pool
Admission and sign-in at the pool will be similar years past.  The entrance will again be the right side of the clubhouse as you are facing the clubhouse.  This is the only entrance and exit from the pool.  Key fobs will be required to enter the access gate.  Swipe the key fob along the transponder attached to the gate and it will unlock the door to enter.

*Key fobs were distributed prior to the start of the 2017 pool season and each household received two (2) key fobs.  If you lost or misplaced your key fob, call Cusick Property Management at (704) 544-7779 to schedule a time to pick up your new fob at a replacement cost of $50.  Households are responsible for all key fobs assigned to them.

Guests must be accompanied by a BCSRC member and adhere to the pool rules.  Anyone who fails to follow the rules or a lifeguard’s instruction will be asked to leave the property.

There is no charge for guests who reside outside Mecklenburg and Union County, but the guest must sign in. Guests living in Mecklenburg/Union County must be accompanied by a member and the guest must pay a guest fee of $2.00 per day per guest and sign in.

There is no charge for guests under the age of three.

There is no charge for baby sitters, but the babysitter must have a Beverly Crest key fob.

Beverly Crest residents with children/grandchildren who do not reside in Beverly Crest are welcome to bring their children/grandchildren to the pool without charge, but the Beverly Crest resident must accompany the children/grandchildren.

Pool Conduct

If a child is unable to swim ½ length of the pool or can only swim using a flotation device, the child must be accompanied by an adult in the water.

The baby pool is for children up to age four.  Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the baby pool area at all times.

Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to enter the pool area without a parent or guardian. Lifeguards are not responsible for activity outside of the immediate pool gated area.

All Children who are not toilet trained are required by the NC Health Department to wear swim diapers. Cloth or disposable diapers are not permitted.  This is for the health and safety of the swimmers as inhaling water with fecal matter is dangerous.

Conduct by any person deemed dangerous by any lifeguard is not permitted.

The lap lane is delineated by a lane rope. When a swimmer enters the lap lane to swim laps, all other swimmers must leave the lap lane and no other swimmers may enter the lap lane area. Sitting or hanging on the lane rope is not allowed.  Throwing objects into the lap lane is also not permitted.  The lap lane is always available upon request to be set up by the lifeguards.  We ask you limit your time with the lap lane open to one (1) hour.  Please have a lifeguard assist with the removal of the lap lane rope once you are finished.

Adult swim is announced by the lifeguards at the :50 minute mark each hour the pool is open.  This is a 10 minute period where no children under the age of 18 are permitted in the pool.  This time allows a break for the guards as well a chance to clean the pool/area and check the chemicals of both pools.  Adults are allowed to have infants in the pool during adult swim.  The one exception of adult swim is the last :50 minute mark of the day will not be called for adult swim.  During this exception, all pool guests are allowed to swim until the end of the day when the lifeguards announce the pool is closed.

In the event of a thunderstorm, swimmers are to clear the pool during the storm and remain out of the water for at least thirty (30) minutes after lightning and/or thunder have ceased.  Lifeguards will indicate when it is safe to re-enter the pool.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed for anyone under the age of twenty-one (21).  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is a matter of personal preference.  A person showing signs of intoxication will be denied use of the facilities and asked to leave the premises.

Outdoor music provided by Beverly Crest’s XM Radio; please consult with lifeguard if needed. Other personal music/entertainment devices are permitted with the use of headphones or low-level volume for personal enjoyment only. Beverly Crest is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of such devices.

No glass of any type is permitted in or around the pool or the pool deck (this includes beer, alcohol, wine bottles, or any type of glass container).  Lifeguards are instructed to check coolers for glass at the sign-in desk.  All glass bottles found at the sign-in table or around the pool will be asked to be disposed into the nearest garbage can immediately.

Do not use profanity in the pool area. Please be considerate of others.

No pets are permitted in the pool area or the clubhouse.

If the propane tanks to the grills are empty, please notify the Trident lifeguard on-site. There is usually a replacement tank in the storage area.  If you do replace the tank please inform the pool manager or lifeguard on duty so it can be refilled.  If there is not a replacement tank you may refill the tank and submit your receipt for reimbursement to the Beverly Crest Swim Board.

Ping Pong Table, Corn Hole Boards, Connect Four, Jenga and several other pool games will be available this summer on the pool deck.  Please ask a lifeguard for any equipment that is stored in the guard office or storage closet.  We will have a 30 minute usage rule, if others are waiting.  If you appear to be abusing or misusing the equipment, you will be asked to end your time.  If you cause damage to the equipment, you are responsible to reimburse the BCSRC for the damage.

There will be three lifeguards staffed at our pool during most operating hours.  Any concerns about lifeguard behavior should be reported to the Pool Manager or Trident Pool Group.

Please remember that no one is permitted to enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty and in position.  No exceptions.

Pool Management Company
Trident pool management will be managing the pool again this year.
They can be reached by calling (704) 895-0818
Additional contact information can be found on the Trident Pool Group website.

Swim Team
If your child wants to join the Beverly Crest Sharks swim this year (season runs from May to early July) please visit our team website – Again, you must be current the payment of dues and other amounts owed to the HOA in order for your children to participate in the swim team. No exceptions will be granted.

Pool Parties
Beverly Crest Swim & Racquet Club will offer pool parties in conjunction with our summer season. Please book your pool parties on the Trident Pool Group website.

The BCSRC is a volunteer committee and do not have staff to cover extenuating circumstances.  If we find that parties are not able to be handled with a low maintenance process, we do reserve the right to cancel the program at any time.

We do not allow the pool to be closed to residents for private parties and the Beverly Crest Clubhouse is not part of pool party reservations. The clubhouse may be rented separately and details can be found on the Clubhouse Reservations page of this website.  Pool use, clubhouse rentals and pool parties are restricted to Beverly Crest CURRENT RESIDENTS ONLY. A resident must accompany guests.

Pool Party Fees: $36 for an extra lifeguard for 2 hours.

  • All tables are first come first serve, but if available, only 2 tables with umbrellas maximum may be used for the party.
  • Children may lay out their pools towels on the pool deck for party space otherwise..
  • Posted pool rules apply.
  • Bullying, bad language, and other horseplay will not be allowed or tolerated.
  • If you are coordinating a swimmer event for BEVERLY CREST RESIDENTS ONLY and expect more than 25 attendees, an email to Trident Pool Group is required one week prior for proper lifeguard coverage (an extra lifeguard fee may be applicable depending on the overall pool attendance).

Swim Lessons
Swim lessons will be provided by lifeguards that work for Trident Pool Group for liability reasons.  Families can sign up for swim lessons with the pool manager.

Parking Lot and Other Clubhouse Issues
The BCSRC dumpster is for trash generated at the clubhouse and pool.  Do not use these cans or the dumpster to dump your household trash.  This applies in the off-season as well.

No overnight parking in the BCSRC parking lot

*****No fireworks are permitted in or near the clubhouse, pool or tennis court areas, including the parking lot.

Vandalism/Damage at BCSRC
Please help reduce vandalism in our neighborhood.

In the past, we have had vandalism and damage at the BCSRC facilities such as broken bottles, broken light fixtures, broken basketball goals, kids riding bikes/scooters or using skate boards on tennis courts, kids sitting or standing on or over-cranking the tennis net, trash and debris around the clubhouse, pool, and playground.

If you witness any vandalism or other inappropriate activity, please call 911.  If you see any suspicious persons parking near or entering the clubhouse property after it is closed for the evening, please call the police.  Do not approach the individuals but do take license plate numbers/car descriptions if possible without compromising your own safety.

Lifeguard Office and Concession Stand

Only the lifeguards, the pool management company or the BCSRC Manager are permitted in the lifeguard office.  Food will be available this season for purchase at the Lifeguard Office.  Payment is cash-only and will be managed by the lifeguards of Trident Pool Group.  A menu of available items and prices will be displayed in the Lifeguard Office window.

Lost and Found
There is a significant amount of personal items left at the pool and clubhouse facility during the course of the summer.  Most of this typically occurs during the swim team practices and meets.  Please make sure you and your family, as well as guests, takes your personal belongings when you leave.  Also, please check the lost and found area periodically.

Poolside Wi-Fi
We provide access to Wi-Fi at the pool.
Network IDs:  BC Clubhouse 2.4 or BC Clubhouse 5.0
Password: Sharks@2017

Contact Information
BCSRC Manager – Mike Marchewka
Send email to Mike

Swim Team Representatives

Trident Pool Group 
(704) 895-0818